The best option to surprise and give happiness to the people you love the most.


Love always wins

I love you and besides proving it to you every day, let's live a beautiful experience.

The perfect anniversary

Because every day with you I want to remember it always, our anniversary has to be magical.


We knew the big moment would come and now we are going to enjoy it.

For the best family

The family is the most beautiful thing and deserves all the happiness in the world.

A thousand thanks

There are a thousand ways to say thank you, and this is my way of letting you know it.

The best mum in the world

You're the best mum. I can't give you the moon, so here's my kiss.

The best dad in the world

I love you daddy. You've always made my life a beautiful place.

Top grandmas and grandpas

Because you have always been in my life as my favourite people.

Why not?

Because we deserve it and that's how we like to enjoy life.

An unforgettable communion

A special day deserves a gift to remember it forever.


The best dad in the world

I love you daddy. You've always made my life a beautiful place.
Pase anual infantil Oasys MiniHollywood

Oasys Minihollywood children’s annual pass

At Oasys MiniHollywood Theme Park, adults will have fun like children, travelling to the Wild West and enjoying the zoological reserve. Give the gift of an adult pass to enjoy all year round. Because there are experiences that deserve to be lived over and over again.

How and where to enjoy your Senator Gift Cards

The guarantee, variety and comfort of our entire hotel group and our brands at your service.

What are you waiting for to live your Senator Experience?

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Senator Hotels & Resorts is a family-owned hotel group with a long tradition, multi-brand and international character. Our passion and enthusiasm is to create unique experiences.
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