Frequently Asked Questions / FAQS

What is a Senator Hotels & Resorts gift card?
It ‘s a virtual gift card with a specific amount with which you can give the gift of experiences such as stays in all our hotels and flats, annual passes for Oasys Minihollywood and Aquarium Costa de Almeria and circuits or treatments at Senzia Spa & Wellness centres (coming soon).
How long does it take to receive a Senator Hotels & Resorts gift card?
Because it is sent by email, the gift card arrives instantly to the receiver(s). In addition, we can customise the shipment and send it on the day and time you specify.
What does the recipient(s) receive?
The recipient(s) will receive an e-mail with a standard gift card or the one you have personalised yourself. For example:
test envio tarjeta
How can I be sure that the recipient/s will receive my gift card?
At the same time as we send the gift card to your recipient(s), we will also send you a confirmation of the sending of the gift card to your e-mail address.
I have the wrong recipient/s. What can I do?
You can request to change the delivery details of the recipient(s) of your gift card at

Do Senator Hotels & Resorts gift cards have an expiry date?
Yes, they are generally valid for 3 years from the date of purchase, with the exception of specific thematic cards, which will have a specific expiry date.
What happens if the full amount of the card is not used?
Once you use your gift card for the first time, the rest of the unused amount will remain on the card and can be redeemed at a later date on another Senator Experience(s). However, the expiry date must be observed. Under no circumstances may the remaining balance be exchanged for cash.
Can a gift card be used on more than one Senator Hotels & Resorts Experience? And more than one gift card?
Yes, as long as there is a balance on the Gift Card/s and the expiry date of the card/s is/are not exceeded. You can redeem the remaining balance on your gift card(s) at all our hotels and flats, annual passes to Oasys Minihollywood or Aquarium Costa de Almeria and Senzia Spa & Wellness centres (coming soon).If the amount you wish to pay is more than the amount of your Gift Card(s), you will simply have to pay the difference.
How do I know the balance of my gift card?
If you are using it for the first time, the amount of your gift card will be indicated on it. You can request a balance check by email from us at

Can gift cards be returned?
No, they cannot be returned under any circumstances. But they are impersonal, so they can be used by anyone within the validity period.
Can the recipient(s) of the Gift Card be changed?
Yes, as long as it is a shipping error, within 24 hours. However, even if it was given to you, the gift card is impersonal, so it can be used by whoever you want within the validity date.
I bought a Gift Card and it did not reach me/my recipient/s. What can I do?
1. Check your junk and/or Spam mail. Most of the time e-mails arrive in one of these mailboxes by mistake.
2. Check that your e-mail inbox is not full and that you cannot receive new e-mails due to lack of space.
3. Check that the purchase has been made correctly and that the amount has been debited from your bank account.

If you have gone through these three steps and have not received any e-mail confirming your purchase/with your gift card or you have any other incident, you can check the status of your purchase at:

What payment methods are available?
You can make your purchase through the payment platform with any credit or debit card.
Can a gift card be used to buy another gift card?
No, you cannot use a gift card given to you to buy a gift card for someone else. Anyway, gift cards are impersonal and can be used by anyone else within the validity period.
Can I apply any promotions or discounts when using my gift card?
The amount of your gift card is redeemable only for the prices and offers in force in our shops at the time of redemption.
Can I personalise the amount and image of a gift card?
Yes, we offer generic amount but you can personalise your gift card with the balance of your choice from €100 upwards.

Also, you can easily personalise the photo on your gift card. All you have to do is indicate the option "upload your image" and comply with the maximum parameters set.
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